How to get rid of spots on your skin – simple secret to clear skin.

To the left is an example of how to get rid of spots, not only from acne but from sun spots or any other type of spot on your skin to give you a clear complexion. There is truly on one good way to get rid of spots on your skin that works. Trust me on this I suffered from spots for years and would do just about anything to get rid of them.

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When learning how to get rid of spots on your skin you have to consider what your spots are from. When I was younger I suffered from acne and as I got older and the acne cleared, a lot of the spots on my skin where caused by the acne I had as a youth. If you have ever had acne you can know how embarrassing it can be and how it can significantly affect your life as a teen and young adult. Then finally when the acne clears you have to deal with the ugly spots it leaves on your skin. It’s almost as if there is no way to get away from bad skin complexion. Luckily there is a way to not only get rid of all your acne and acne scars but also all other forms of skin spots.

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There are also other forms of skin spots and if you want to know how to get rid of spots then you could also be suffering from spots caused by skin trauma, sun exposure, medications and hormonal changes. Besides acne the most common spots on your skin are from age, also called liver spots. These are brown, flat spots that are larger than freckles. As I got older not only did I have acne spots but I also developed Liver spots. Things could not get any worse trust me. I was starting to look like a leopard and people even looked at me like I had some type of disease. This is the example of how when you tan when you’re younger for great looking skin it gives you bad skin as you get older. However if it is to late for you to not tan and take care of your skin and you have already developed issues, you need to know how to get rid of spots, then I have just the thing for you.

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Simple things to help your skin complexion

When learning how to get rid of spots on your skin, you need to start thinking about your skin as an organ. It is the largest organ in your body and because of this your overall health can directly affect the complexion of your skin and a lot of the time good health alone can be the key to learning how to get rid of spots on your skin.

The funny thing about peoples skin is how everyone’s only concern when they are younger besides getting rid of pimples is getting a tan. As people get older all we want to do is get rid of skin spots and wrinkles. The thing is all the tanning we do when we are young is generally what creates more spots on your skin and wrinkles as you get older.

If you would like to help your skin complexion and you are young I have to say now DO NOT GO TANNING. If you are older and your tanning days are gone then you need to focus on some other things for good skin health and complexion.

Your skin is a reflection of your underlying health, so good nutrition, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, staying hydrated, etc., all play a role in creating better-looking skin. You also need to have a healthy diet. I have to say this is a huge contributing factor for me when I was learning how to get rid of spots on my skin. Some healthy foods for your skin are: Green tea and blueberries because it is extremely rich in antioxidants.  Salmon and flax seed are full of Omega-3s that are great for your skin. Carrots are full of vitamin A and are great for your skin as well. Last but not least you need to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and flexible.

What causes spots on your face?

There are a lot of things that can cause spots on your face and you need to know what is causing yours if you want to know how to get rid of spots on your own face.

The first thing you should do is see a doctor, a dermatologist to be specific. They will usually be able to tell you exactly what the spots on your face are and how they got there. They will sometimes even recommend how to get rid of spots on your skin but from personal experience their methods seldom work well. You may already know what your spots are and if this is the case great now it is time to learn how to remove your skin spots.

A few common things that can cause spots on your skin are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Liver disease
  • Addison’s disease
  • Hemachromatosis
  • Pituitary tumors

There are also things like medications that can give you spots on your skin or even UV rays from the sun or tanning beads can give you dark spots

However for most of the people out there that wants to know how to get rid of spots are going to be suffering from acne spots or pimples/pimple scars. This was the case with me.

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